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Again, before I critique, I want to comment on how well you capture the faces here. Vision - This has a very nice word of wisdom to the...

Before I start, im going to say, this brought a happy smile. I was grinning widely at this image. Vision – This is a very lovely scene ...

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Junaid Zahir Duad And Fizzle :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 2 3 A pursuit of unity :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 2 0 Still Current (Seapony Form) :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 3 0 Tantell Deftclaw :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 3 1 Still Current by Mscootaloo :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 1 0 Water Lotus :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 1 1 Firefly :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 3 3 Still Current and Truth :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0 Still Current :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0 Truth :icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 1 0
Character background
"I suppose to put with quill, as a means, if any to record what occured, both of fact, and what fallacy memory brings with it in the act of looking back. I sit, and try to compose mind and hand, for what the ink holds is a hands weight, heavy. I, I shall begin first in the act. It's not been long really, maybe a decade, or a few years more. A kid, in the sense of the word, young, naieve, unprepared for what suspicions abounded of magics heritage. And what price i paid to live that day. It's funny, that those details always seem to bother more than day in hindsight, grown accustomed to what my pact entailed. I wish, I do wish, I could claim it raining, when my da answered the door. The men of cuthbert asked for me then. Cold men, hard, ugly,, not of appearances, but of juy. Da stood proud, or so i think to, said no. They.. I'm sorry, that I pause so in writing of his, no my journal. Its, it has been many days since i could pick back up the quill to write again, the wine helps, half gone
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0
A gift to a friend
I have walked along this path a while,
And found all too few I might call...
A friend amongst the distant seas,
And one that I might reciprocate
All my words and all this bluster.
Lead me to a lacking muster.
A fear that now hobbles me down.
Choices of what to write.
Second guessing and this strife,
I have to look in and sing..
This refrain.....
You have done.. A path you take..
Look up high.. The wake you make..
Let the words bring joy this day!
In the morning of my musing sights,
And the path diverging now.
So let free your worried bedraggled mind,
And let your muse begin to climb..
Harken! The world be at your footsteps.
The tears be welling in your eyes..
No one, to step aside? Dreamscape vivid in the eyes.
The muse in lock and chain, A time that you can dream again...
Days pass by... now!
Lock finds key.. Sands fall down..
A muse soars high.. The path is made..
The muse in life now sings!
When the world aims down, and things just fall what may..
No matter how bad it may seem, your
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0
A walk among shadow
The sounds begin as always, with the simple steps as it has been, of boot to gravel beaten. The passing of the night, and my path taken, to walk down, and find an answer I sought, of a day now faded into but a history of myth. The lights arrive, and so as they did, fade just the same in the destination, all but hazy to sight weighted. A turn of note, to see the welcoming of a master long absent, but still to walk on.
Down yet further I go, to be of such a turn yet again, of a moment, regretted of compassion's act, and to find that I only feel the cold bite of winters chill upon my face, a simple askance of the old man, and one I am not ready to take. The path is not long, for it is one of memories oft left behind, and revisited only later, when perceptions and the nature of the world weighs so, be it right, or be it off. I find, that to stare, past the gates that bar none, of what was a memory of light, in heart and smile has fallen, into the gloom. Not even the shadow itself holds swa
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0
A question of existentialism
I think, to first begin at the start, I had no real idea, you seemed, unbound, protean, primordial in your chaos and your nature that never quite met at the full circle. I don't think I had a good image then, even now, I think, I still don't, not really. You have this, spark, of something, unique in that it defies reason, rhyme, and function. a fifth corner on a square, if you will. A, I do no see you as anything physical of the world, in such a sense, as no denying your existence, but you have struck me more as something apart, yet grounded by the realities laws, only because you have not managed to free oneself from these. I would not use the term spirit, for so often, these are given to a connotation that in such, mean of living beyond a mortality now shed, and at times, you remind, of an echo of something not so. I know at this time, I by far, view not to mince words, and speak with a directness, of being poetical, more towards a philosophic bent in such that you do not remind me o
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 1 0
The Autistic Mind
Is it much for a silent night?
The space, between us?
To up in starlight fade? Gone far away.
Is this hurt of living life?
These wounds, emotions?
Cast these hurts aside?
Anywhere but here.
You do not understand
Pain to send away,
I should go,
To let me go...
I cannot go!
Gods damn! I cannot stand..
I can not stand!
Why! Dont you see?
Please, let me be!.
Silent now in rising plight.
inside my emotions,
no one hears this sight.
Me only me.
You may see in the dark of night.
My peace in being.
No noises harm me as senses let me be.
Eyes need not to dart.
Ears need not to hear.
And touch is but a
Touch is but a
Always but a
Always but a friend
Always but a friend
Can you comprehend?
Its not a friend
Its my cell
Without a key
There is no warden
Except just me
Always to loud
Never can speak
People Watching
Just to depart
All the times, I want to say
But a look and then I stutter
And forgot the words I meant to say
And shamed I am
I cannot say
Because i sit here fidgeting
with the memory of w
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 1 2
A momnet of Flowing Thought
We begin, a note. Not fully of discords abiding harvest. An echo, or a reverberation. Something simpler, yes. But all the way true regardless. In this the steps, falter, no, dance, onward, back, and again in gravity to some pull, held by strings of etheric latching. The call, forgotten, missed, and lamented, finds seed in a field held of soil without. It grows, it festers, but its tendrils hold true. Yet no fruit to bear, but a flower, weed amongst roses held. There is no reverberation now, of the note, stepped aside in calling. The sounds silence, grabs, stretches, in the light, choking, or the dark's echoes. Held, in quaking minds, does the rot spread, unchecked, unheeded, found in the depths of memory, an inkling, sharp, cold, pure. On it burrows, expands, and when ripe, bears wide onto the heavens, the bloom, the seed, shattering a glass sky. Burdened not with fetters, chains, echoes coalesce into light, gossamer, strands, burning with the faint moments of time. Within the drop of
:icondrunkendragondirge:DrunkenDragonDirge 0 0


RD Chapter 8 P14 :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 198 55 Asis - Page 381 :iconskulldog:skulldog 11 0 Ad.Science Back on Track 5 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 8 5 In Our Shadow 232 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 37 28 Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 125 :icongatesmccloud:GatesMcCloud 64 33 Ad.Science Back on Track 4 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 12 10 PMD: VF - 545: Reunited :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 147 32 Off-Centaured 10 :icondarkwingdork1:DarkwingDork1 13 0 WoR: Fishing :iconskulldog:skulldog 56 1 Ad.Science Back on Track 3 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 12 8 BtV - Secret Shot :iconsillyvamp:SillyVamp 2 0 In Our Shadow page 231 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 38 52 Ad.Science Back on Track 2 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 6 5 Loss of Reality - Page 51 :iconno-time-for-caution:No-Time-For-Caution 12 4 Asis - Page 380 :iconskulldog:skulldog 10 0 Ad.Science Back on Track 1 :iconcervelet:Cervelet 14 2


Junaid Zahir Duad And Fizzle
This was done by the amazing and if you ever get a chance to commission them, do so! It's worth every penny.

Junaid is a zebra witch, and fizzle one luminous dragon, whom the pair rather hit it off more due to things of fizzle just being poor, and a small kindness given. Sadly, i had to leave the game due to reasons. I'll miss it.
A pursuit of unity
I forgot to upload this when it was done. Wow, my actual first ever commission, done by the talented and he just did so much for being new to this. This was my earlier idea for firefly. 


Chris Henry
United States
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Favourite photographer: No need, i have eyes.
Favourite style of art: 3D sequences
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Favourite cartoon character: Gorbash (Flight of Dragons)
Personal Quote: "If life is the sum of who we are, never forget the past."
After a fun little game tonight, and some nice help with finding a good icon. A friend offered for me to listen on into a unique musical outro for 'payment' on the matter, sneaky sod. Not that im blaming him, but take a listen over at… for the dolls of new albion, and enjoy a musical interlude with two sequels!
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