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I have walked along this path a while,
And found all too few I might call...
A friend amongst the distant seas,
And one that I might reciprocate

All my words and all this bluster.
Lead me to a lacking muster.
A fear that now hobbles me down.
Choices of what to write.
Second guessing and this strife,
I have to look in and sing..

This refrain.....

You have done.. A path you take..
Look up high.. The wake you make..
Let the words bring joy this day!

In the morning of my musing sights,
And the path diverging now.
So let free your worried bedraggled mind,
And let your muse begin to climb..

Harken! The world be at your footsteps.
The tears be welling in your eyes..
No one, to step aside? Dreamscape vivid in the eyes.
The muse in lock and chain, A time that you can dream again...
Days pass by... now!

Lock finds key.. Sands fall down..
A muse soars high.. The path is made..
The muse in life now sings!

When the world aims down, and things just fall what may..
No matter how bad it may seem, your muse is here to stay...

Muse and paper. Dreams that linger. All together!
Are you?

A Steady hand.. Help you rise again.
Choices now bring the dreams to stay.
All this act and all this rage,
banishes the shadows doubt..

There is fatigue hiding clout..
Passage this near, I,
seek the place that calls to me. All so clear.

The path you forge on dreams alone.
Work and time, with fevered groans.
The goal in sight, all choice in hand.
With muses guide, and goal ahead.

There is no other, but vision freed...
Placed upon electric means, a vectored beauty...

What you have is a path on you,
a journey now that you cannot lose.
Pangs of echoed shadowed doubts,
are banished now, completions due!

All the choices you could have made,
naught to have a second doubt!
Looking back to see ahead..
Darkened woods to open plain..

A smile now to find, the path well walked.
There are no brambles now, a sun to ever present shine..

Grass that shines.. The breeze now blows
The sun that bathes.. A glow about
Life and shade.. To greet your muse
A waning moon.. The shadows calm

No shifting stars.. To gaze to the sun
A walk downward.. and greet the earth
Dreams that stay.. To wake and rise.. In time for a new day!

Your art and muse.
To browse, peruse..
and means beyond...
Your canvas now to play!
Oh scorpion, its 451?

A song I've sung..
The words I've wrung..
To hope I've shown..
A good friend..
What he's given me!
This was done to the song by a group called Avantasia.
The song, called, The Scarecrow. Off of the Twisted Mind cd.
A link to the song itself can be found here. [link]
I had been trying to repay for a nice kindness done at [link]
I hoped to find something in writing to repay him for this, and after about a week, found my random playlist, just got me singing, and thinking, a few days later, and about four hours, this was done. I know at a few parts, its rough for singing, but its best of possibles in to fit with the theme, that, No matter what crap is thrown at you, so long as you have your muse, may your art inspire you onwards, no matter the journey. You can also find the lyrics to this, on as well, but thank ya, and hope it goes well for you.
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January 25, 2012
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