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Is it much for a silent night?
The space, between us?
To up in starlight fade? Gone far away.

Is this hurt of living life?
These wounds, emotions?
Cast these hurts aside?
Anywhere but here.
You do not understand
Pain to send away,
I should go,
To let me go...
I cannot go!
Gods damn! I cannot stand..
I can not stand!
Why! Dont you see?
Please, let me be!.

Silent now in rising plight.
inside my emotions,
no one hears this sight.
Me only me.

You may see in the dark of night.
My peace in being.
No noises harm me as senses let me be.
Eyes need not to dart.
Ears need not to hear.
And touch is but a
Touch is but a
Always but a
Always but a friend
Always but a friend
Can you comprehend?
Its not a friend

Its my cell
Without a key
There is no warden
Except just me

Always to loud
Never can speak
People Watching
Just to depart

All the times, I want to say
But a look and then I stutter
And forgot the words I meant to say

And shamed I am
I cannot say
Because i sit here fidgeting
with the memory of what I can not do.

Look to me
Not let me flee
But be yourself, expedient
You help me stand, help me see
Will you buffer me?
Not shelter me?
And let me make these choices
When the world bears down on me

Free, Maybe not for me
But you've helped me see.

I must stand and be facing this.
I must learn to be quiet less.
I must be more forgiving thus.

Stand up, grin and smile.
They won't win
Cant control me, nevermore!

Senses, harshly stark
A branding mark
Wont burn bright so more

Hear the autistic mind!
Cold and harsh
Isn't there something more?
We are a different seed
But still can bloom
If we but have a way.

This patience
Your patience

Not a part of those about me
Not a one to hear their words
They're just sitting there, and they're watching me.

Panic Rising
Senses Blinding
Now I want to flee

Get away! Get Away!
Get away! Get Away!

I am breathing..
Senses, calming...
You have helped me.....
Something that had been worked on off and on again for years, and finally felt in such a state to post it. from the some morphine child by savatage. [link] to listen and what i sung it along to.
BatmanWithBunnyEars Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011   General Artist
This is a good description of what it's like. Some of the more self-important, inconsiderate people cease to consider that you might have human emotions when they see you as different, which makes the condition all the more nerve wracking.
DrunkenDragonDirge Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011
Its taken years for me to articulate and often find the right description for how I feel of this. I still do not tend to speak up, preferring the silence of a time, a place that is not out upon the light in the stage. Yet, for all the measures, the means, its not a curse, it never has been, and I could not comprehend living without aspergers. Its that alien, that strange, to view a life without, for me to really find that I am glad to see what I do, even though its been harsh, and a long climb up this path, yet, i'm a better person for it. But really, here, my solace, is always the sounds of song, the bardic tale, and the words behind itself, for they speak so much more.
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April 3, 2011
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